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Brown Bag Meetings 2019


17. April 2019

Inconsistent concepts and semantic competence 
by Sofia Bokros


24. April 2019

Kant’s conception of pure and empirical intuitions
by Lisa Benossi


8. Mai 2019

How Uncertain May We Be?
by Eyal Tal


22. Mai 2019

The Method of Cases Without Intuition: A Neo-Aristotelian Account
by Paul Irikefe 


12. Juni 2019

Lotteries, Probabilities and Possible Worlds
by Maura Priest


19. Juni 2019

Is There a Problem of Demarcation for Hinges?
by Jakob Ohlhorst


26. Juni 2019

Remembering absence
by Sven Bernecker


3. Juli 2019

The Mirage of Individual Disagreement
by Maura Priest


10. Juli 2019

Epistemic Reflection: Introductory Remarks to a Dialectical Account
by Waldomiro J. Silva Filho


9. Oktober 2019

What's wrong with this bad argument against akrasia?
by Eyal Tal